dealing the cards like a meditation

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

This covers me: knight of swords (reversed)
This crosses me: 5 of wands
This is beneath me: king of swords
This is behind me: knight of cups
This crowns me: 6 of cups
This is before me: knight of pentacles
My fears: 6 of swords
What others think: the empress (reversed)
My hopes: 3 of cups (reversed)
The final outcome: 10 of cups (reversed)

Lots of knights all over the place (except the knight of wands, but I can't make heads or tails of it) Apparently, knights can mean the coming or going of a matter. The other thing that impressed me was the sign of betrayal (10 of cups reversed) Given the current situation in my life, though, I can't really make sense of where this betrayal will be coming from. How can you be betrayed if you have no expectations? Sure, as I remarked in the last reading, the idea of deception makes perfect sense, but I'm not the one being deceived or betrayed. Given the content of one of the conversations I had yesterday, perhaps the concept of betrayal reflects a particular person in my life who, unfortunately, despite the fact that we are now pretty good friends, will always embody the idea of betrayal for me. Such is life. Then, I suppose, there is the possibility that it is not I who shall be betrayed, but that I will be a traitor. Which, actually, also makes sense, in a solipsistic fashion. (Yes, perhaps I merely overvalue what I have to offer.)

Saturday, July 26, 2003

This covers me: Death
This crosses me: 7 of pentacles
This is beneath me: 9 of pentacles (reversed)
This is behind me: page of cups (reversed)
This crowns me: 7 of cups
This is before me: 5 of wands (reversed)
My fears: ace of wands (reversed)
What others think: the chariot (reversed)
My hopes: 8 of wands (reversed)
The final outcome: 5 of cups (reversed)

interesting. if you check out yesterday's reading, you will see that Death has progressed from crowning me to now covering me. So I am in the midst of transformation, I suppose. There are a couple of signs regarding the deception that was in fact discovered last night (page of cups reversed, 7 of cups, 8 of wands reversed.) Lots of warnings about stagnation, false starts, and not making it to where i wanna be (7 of pentacles, 9 of pentacles reversed, ace of wands reversed, 8 of wands reversed.) but overall, somewhat hopeful (5 of cups reversed), i just have to keep pushing at it (5 of wands reversed) interesting.

Friday, July 25, 2003

lots of major arcana in today's reading:

This covers me: Justice
This crosses me: 2 of wands
This is beneath me: The Fool
This is behind me: 9 of swords (reversed)
This crowns me: Death
This is before me: The Chariot (reversed)
My fears: 4 of wands
What others think: 9 of wands
My hopes: 4 of swords
The final outcome: The Devil (reversed)

it seems like (especially with the 4 of swords) things just might be getting better, though incrementally so (as the 9 of wands seems to indicate.) and i find it a little interesting that the Devil shows up in the last card, though reversed. a little parallelism with someone's dream that they shared with me, it seems. but to read too deeply into this would be completely insane.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

This covers me: the star (reversed)
This crosses me: knight of pentacles
This is beneath me: 7 of cups
This is behind me: 2 of pentacles
This crowns me: queen of wands
This is before me: 9 of pentacles (reversed)
My fears: the fool
What others think: 8 of pentacles (reversed)
My hopes: queen of cups
The final outcome: 2 of wands

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

This covers me: 5 of cups
This crosses me: 8 of pentacles
This is beneath me: 5 of pentacles (reversed)
This is behind me: 4 of cups
This crowns me: king of pentacles
This is before me: 4 of pentacles
My fears: 10 of pentacles (reversed)
What others think: the emperor
My hopes: 3 of wands
The final outcome: the lovers

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