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Sunday, August 24, 2003

This covers me: 9 of swords
This crosses me: judgement
This is beneath me: 6 of cups reversed
This is behind me: 7 of cups
This crowns me: knight of pentacles reversed
This is before me: 9 of wands
My fears: temperance
What others think: 5 of pentacles reversed
My hopes: wheel of fortune
Final outcome: queen of cups reversed

i can't get to sleep (notice to time stamp.) it may be all the caffeine. i am definitely jittery. but i can't help feel that I am waiting for something. perhaps something that will never come. i feel like i am waiting for Godot. or at least the sunrise. perhaps that is it.

but i had a gut feeling. i haven't done a reading in a while now because i honestly didn't want to know what might be coming. and, of course, my reading may very well vindicate that feeling.

the wheel of fortune comes in the 9th position. it is a card that seems to indicate great things will be afoot, something that i will have absolutely no control over. it doesn't say anything about whether it will be good or bad, but i have a feeling that the magnitude will be large. (although i feel somewhat protected as there are only 3 major arcana on the table.) ever since i started reading cards again, this is the first time i've gotten this card.

well. they say chance favors the prepared mind.

the 9 of swords is very apt, considering i can't sleep. and yes, there is something hanging over me that i haven't been able to get rid of. this darkness, this depression sticks to me like tar, inky black tar, like the background of this card, and there is an element of the sword of damocles to it. one day it could very well kill me, and i need to take care of it soon.

the interpretation of judgement in rachel pollack's book is really interesting. she gives it a connotation very similar to death, in the sense of transformation. but whereas death is a harbinger of change, judgement marks a change that has already happened. very fitting, i suppose. the imagery of the angel blowing the trumpet harkens to the book of revelation. the seals on the scroll are already broken, and the apocalypse is already underway.

pollack's interpretation of the 6 of cups reversed is kind of an interesting. an overprotected child (which i identify with) suddenly finds that he/she is alone in the world, forced to face reality. actually, quite frightening. the knigh of pentacles reversed seems to indicate travel, although being reversed, it seems to hint that i won't want to go. the 9 of wands seems to indicate being vigilant, standing guard.

so, yeah, i guess something is going to happen. of course, the cards don't tell me what. i suppose i could take the queen of cups literally–a woman in my life, perhaps. but the reversal speaks against something joyous.

well. i am afraid. but it looks like it's going to be out of my hands.
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