dealing the cards like a meditation

Saturday, August 09, 2003

This covers me: 5 of cups reversed
This crosses me: page of wands
This is beneath me: the empress reversed
This is behind me: the emperor
This crowns me: king of swords reversed
This is before me: knight of swords reversed
My fears: knight of pentacles
What others think: the high priestess
My hopes: 6 of swords
The final outcome: the star

Hmmm. Good number of major arcana, but not overwhelming. A couple of knights point to a change of scenery (the coming or going of a matter) I don't know whether the 6 of swords marks my strong desire to travel, or whether this points out my destination next year, or whether I will be truly flying into exile across the wide ocean someday. This is the second time that the high priestess has shown up in the same place. I don't really understand what it means, either. I know it represents, well, the woman of my dreams. But I don't know what it means being where it is. Finally, there is the star, which is fast becoming my favorite card, since it embodies inspiration, which I am desperately seeking.
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